Interesting Facts =1

Advertisements Hello World….. Today we will talk about some such facts that you will be surprised to knowDo you know which is a bird whose eyes are bigger than the brain?Which are the fish that can sleep with one eye closed?So let’s know about some such strange fact … 1. Pigs are the fourth most sensible animal in the world. […]


Advertisements Hello World, Manali is a city located in Himachal Pradesh of India, where most of the people of India come with their family to spend summer vacation. It is one of the major hill stations in Himachal Pradesh! In winter, the temperature here reaches zero degrees! You can see the beautiful natural scenery here, here you can enjoy sports […]

How difficult to say ‘No’

Advertisements Hello Friends It is not difficult to say, I am the public. Whenever a person comes to me from any work, I do any kind of work of that person without any obstruction without any nook and cranny. And later it becomes his habit, he starts coming again and again and I leave my work and do his work […]


Advertisements Hi There is no such person in this world. Who has never been angry Anger is a healthy human emotion. But when it gets out of control it becomes disastrous! Anger causes a lot of damage to our body, many diseases arise in our body. Many times we get angry at small things. Like we have to go to […]