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    Interesting facts -2

    Hello world Hello friends and welcome to The Entertainer, Today we are going to talk about some amazing factors which are related to our life, which you will be surprised to know,So let’s start. 01 Surprising to know you, there is so much iron in our body that a 3-inch nail can be formed. The size of our eyes remains the same throughout life when we are born and our eyes remain the same size till death. 3. Our mouth can tell the difference of more than one billion tastes 4. We walk so much in our whole life which is equal to 5 revolutions of the earth We spend…

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    Interesting Facts =1

    Hello World….. Today we will talk about some such facts that you will be surprised to knowDo you know which is a bird whose eyes are bigger than the brain?Which are the fish that can sleep with one eye closed?So let’s know about some such strange fact … 1. Pigs are the fourth most sensible animal in the world. Pigs have 4 teeth and drink up to 50 liters of water in a day, there are about 2 billion pigs around the world. 2. The nettle is the largest bird in the world, its eyes are bigger than its brain, the female ostrich lays 50 to 40 eggs a year,…